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Everything You Need To Know About Sculptra | You Deserve Glowy, Youthful Skin at Any Age!

Aging is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you may not want the other connotations that come with them, like fine lines and wrinkles. What if we told you that you could make those wrinkles a worry from the past naturally?

At Caviar Skin Clinic, our team specializes in non-invasive, Sculptra® treatments in Vancouver, BC! We believe there is always a way to reach your desired aesthetic goal with just an extra push of confidence and natural treatments. Today, we will be giving you a quick run-down on our Sculptra® Treatments, what they are, how many treatments they will require to begin noticing a difference, and how to complete the procedure! It’s time for the ultimate luxe of aesthetics with Caviar Skin Clinic; let’s get started!

We believe in the highest skilled artistry to maximize your aesthetic goals which is why we are all naturopathic physicians and aestheticians. All of our services work to enhance your natural beauty because that’s where the magic results happen. Cross off your beauty goals in a safe and professional environment.

What is the difference between SCULPTRA® and Botox® treatments?

If this is your first time hearing about Sculptra® treatments, you may be hesitant to try one – but don’t worry! Like other cosmetic fillers, Sculptra® is an injectable filler that gradually removes signs of aging or wrinkles. But, unlike other fillers like botox, Sculptra® uses a biocompatible synthetic substance, which encourages higher collagen production, providing greater strength and firmness to the skin. Instead of usually freezing your muscles through other filler treatments, Sculptra® uses the injection to enhance collagen production to slow down the visible aging process naturally over time. Hello, youthful skin!

sculptra treatments vancouver

How many Sculptra® treatments will I need to start noticing a difference?

what you need to know about sculptra

With the natural use of collagen production, you may not see drastic differences after the first treatment or two. This is because, unlike other cosmetic fillers that freeze muscles, Sculptra® is intended to keep your skin firm continuously and youthful in the future, for up to 2 years in just a few treatments! Typically, you may need an average of two treatments, spread over three to four months, to see a difference – but this varies amongst individuals.

At Caviar Skin Clinic, our team of certified professionals is always available for a consult to see the best amount of treatments needed for you. If you have any other questions, even individual-based, let us know – we would be more than happy to help and provide you with any other tips!

What are the procedure steps in a Sculptra® treatment?

Now that you know what Sculptra® is and the difference between other cosmetic fillers, let’s dive into what you may expect during a Sculptra treatment!


Similar to other cosmetic procedures, you will receive the consultation and procedure process in person. Depending on the aestheticians’ discretion, you may have some local freezing around your skin area to ensure comfort throughout the procedure – it will not be painful, and most applications last between half an hour to an hour! You may experience mild swelling for 24 hours but not to worry – it will not defer you from your regular activities after.

Our staff at Caviar Skin Clinic puts you at our top priority – we will ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and knowledgeable about the entire procedure from start to finish, easing any tension you may have about the Sculptra treatments.

You deserve to keep all the beautiful memories you’ve gained throughout the years without noticing the aging process that comes along with it! Sculptra® treatments may seem a bit intimidating initially, but with our help, you will be fine! Our team at Caviar Skin Clinic can’t wait to help you reach your aesthetic goals, so hello memories and goodbye wrinkles!