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Caviar Skin Care Clinic is the ultimate luxe of aesthetics for non-invasive cosmetic procedures and anti-aging treatments in Vancouver. We are the place you come to level up your natural beauty and you will leave with the extra confidence and sparkle that you deserve. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a refreshed and youthful appearance. Our esteemed staff will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment and will answer all your questions before and after treatment.


Caviar Skin Clinic’s Aesthetic Center is the place where beauty goals happen. Whether you’re looking to lift & contour your face or glow up your skin, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s dive into the nitty gritty and get you feeling your best – energized, vibrant, and confident. We’ll help you uncover your health concerns from hormone imbalances, digestive issues, chronic skin conditions and everything in between.

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Beauty Evolution
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Botox®, Dysport®

Botox® and Dysport® injections help reduce the muscle activity that causes wrinkles in the first place, creating a softer, smoother, and more relaxed appearance.


 When we concentrate hyaluronic acid, a sugar naturally found in our body, onto strategic areas of the face, it restores lost facial volume and provides an aesthetically pleasing facial contour.

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Lip Filler

Lip enhancement with hyaluronic fillers is a safe and temporary, non-invasive procedure used to improve lip contour, restore lip volume, and shape your lips. Pucker up, babes. You’re going to love this one.

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Liquid Face Lift

Sculptra® will activate your skin’s naturally occurring regenerative process by building up more collagen in the deep structure of the skin, restoring youthfulness and volume.

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Microneedling has become the new facial and here’s why- by penetrating the top layers of the skin, we stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which lessen the appearance of acne scars and soften wrinkles.

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Like PRP for acne scar treatment, we draw a small amount of blood from your body that is rich in platelets and growth factors. This blood is then injected into the scalp to boost hair growth.

Chemical Peels

We offer a variety of chemical peels to keep your skin ultra dewey for that au naturale beauty. Peels help eliminate that dead, dull, damaged skin that’s hiding your glow. 

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If you want smooth skin and some instant gratification, dermaplaning is your treatment. Carefully exfoliating the skin using a specialized surgical blade, the top layers of skin are removed along with that facial peach fuzz.

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yasaman bashir
yasaman bashir
Nurse Taran did an outstanding job on my lips!!! She was passionate and careful. Super happy with the service! Their receptionist, Diana, was sweet and very welcoming!
Jada Cameron
Jada Cameron
My lips look amazing!! Highly recommend going here. I am very scared of the needle but she helped me stay calm and made the process wonderful 🙂
I dont usually write reviews, but im sure other men may feel how I felt. As I'm getting older, I am more self-conscious about my appearance. Wrinkles, loss of volume and other aging factors I am experiencing. I was looking for a solution that would be subtle, yet effective - and Dr. Noya recommended Sculptra. The procedure was simple, and one thing I greatly appreciated was the gradual process! It didn't give off any obvious sings of having undergone a cosmetic procedure (which was a huge point for me). Honestly, I can say I would definitely recommend it to other men considering non-invasive anti-aging treatments! I cant thank the caviar team enough for addressing my concerns and making sure I am comfortable during the whole procedure.
I've been here twice, had peeling and lip filler with 2 different professionals. Amy, who did my lips, very pleasant doctor. Peeling procedure is definitely overpriced, maybe it's better to do facial instead.
Madison Alexa Blomly
Madison Alexa Blomly
Dr. Amy Wilson is PHENOMENAL!!! She did my lips today and I’m obsessed. They look stunning and she was so gentle. If you are looking for perfection, you’ll get it. It was so obvious that she cared. My lip shape is true to my own, but better! Which was my desired result. My expectations were far exceeded. I can’t wait to come back. The entire office staff are friendly and I had a wonderful experience. Go here! Like bottom line is if you want a start to finish wonderful experience- book in.
Amanda Micheletti
Amanda Micheletti
Dr Noya was so pleasant to work with and made my experience very comfortable. She took the time to get clear on the vision I had for my lips and she nailed it. Very reasonably priced for high quality work. I was also really impressed with the numbing cream they used, I barely felt a thing! The studio was beautiful and clean, and they even gifted me with a sweater for being a first time customer 🥰 I will definitely be recommending to all of my friends, and will definitely be making the trip from chilliwack for all of my work!! 10/10 💙🙏
Hailey Jang
Hailey Jang
Dr.Taran is the best! She's super professional and super friendly. I got my lip filler from her and now I got the perfect lips that I always wanted! I got it from somewhere for my first lip filler and I wasn't really happy/satisfied but Dr. Taran knows exactly what I wanted and needed. I highly recommend if anyone needs fillers. She's the best..🥹💓
Tario Sultan
Tario Sultan
Dr. Noya is super knowledgeable and professional when it comes to skincare & aesthetic treatments. (such as cosmetic injectables, laser treatment and sculptra treatment, etc) The entire Caviar team is super friendly, patient and caring. You can tell they truly care about their customers. The clinic is very clean and modern! (Love the pink branding) I’ve recommended many friends to Caviar and they all had such positive experience with them. Overall, this is definitely one of the best clinics in Yaletown. If you live nearby, come by and check them out. Keep up the great service Caviar!

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There are countless benefits to facials, but for those out of the loop, we’re here to help! Whether you want total skin rejuvenation to delay the aging process or ...
There are countless benefits to facials, but for those out of the loop, we’re here to help! Whether you want total skin rejuvenation to delay the aging process or ...
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