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For people the world over, skincare is a must-do daily ritual. Everyone knows that giving your skin the proper time and care is hugely beneficial, but how about throwing in that extra splash of skincare from a luxurious spa on top of that? Even on aging skin, our highly skilled skin rejuvenation team can help you fight back against this process by firming up your skin and improving hydration.

There are countless benefits to facials, but for those out of the loop, we are here to help! Whether you want total skin rejuvenation to delay the aging process or a simple facial check-up, our Vancouver clinic has you covered. Have questions or looking to book your appointment? Call now (604) 229-3777.

We are hardly known for just our affordable full-body waxes; we offer a full-on luxury suite of skincare therapy designed to provide the most relaxing, results-driven spa trip that you have ever experienced–and hopefully ever will.

We are a team of highly trained, skilled professionals who are devoted to helping people of all ages and stages achieve longevity and youthfulness so that they can live their most beautiful lives. You can expect the highest degree of care at our medical spa in Vancouver.

Stress? What’s that?

Facials shift you into a state of deep relaxation, soothing both mind and muscles and allowing you to enter a meditative, tranquil state. A mere hour or two out of your day can totally transform your mental and physical well-being.

With the way things are, life can get overwhelming at times! We guarantee a brief getaway to our medi spa is the perfect opportunity to detach yourself from your busy life and reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit. At Caviar Skin Clinic, our trained and qualified staff are here to ensure you feel safe, at home, and at peace–kicking off your stress-free experience the moment you step through our doors.

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And acne? What’s acne?

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You know we have all been there. It’s practically unavoidable, try as we might to ward against it. But for acne especially, we simply cannot emphasize enough the benefits of a facial treatment! We provide a top-down approach in our sessions, going the extra mile to set your skin up for success. We fully believe in what we can do for you.

Traditional acne facial treatments tend to simply unclog pores and lessen skin irritation, though some also attempt to improve skin hydration. However, unlike DIY treatments at home, having it done at our med spa will eliminate acne scarring and spreading, leaving you only with lasting and incredible results.

We are so beyond thrilled to work with you. Our team is ready and eager to consult you on your needs, desired results, and how many sessions we feel will best meet your budget while giving you your desired outcome.

You will look and feel younger!

We hinted at this earlier, but now we’re going all in on this cool fact: facial treatments have been proven to slow skin aging. Their effectiveness at rejuvenating your skin also aid in skin texture and vibrancy. Proven results include the reduction of:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin dullness
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Post-care tips

So now you have had your facial, and you might be wondering: what comes next? You’ve treated yourself to something incredible and personally rewarding, and maintenance after the fact is just as important as the care you received during your facial.

The effects of a treatment can last for up to six weeks, but you can extend the benefits even further with a few easy tips–in fact, you’ve likely already been practicing these as a normal part of your everyday skincare routine. Post-care maintenance includes little things like:

  • Prevent clogging your pores by not using makeup 6 hours after treatment
  • Refrain from picking at your skin
  • Hydrate often
  • Exfoliate weekly

Do you want to strive to maximize the benefits of your facial treatment? Following our tips will certainly help you get every moment’s worth of your time spent with us. At Caviar Skin Clinic, our team will provide you with every step and instruction needed to maintain the benefits of your facial therapy, even weeks after your session with us.

At Caviar Skin Clinic, you can trust that our passionate team will give you the comfort and results you want, whether that’s a facial, laser hair removal, full-body wax, and more! Contact us today to book your appointment; we can’t wait to help you put your best face forward!