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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation injections in vancouver

Caviar Skin Clinic is a leading provider of Hand Rejuvenation treatments in Vancouver. Our Medispa is committed to delivering the highest standard of care and treatment to achieve natural and youthful-looking results. Our team of physicians and nurse injectors combine years of clinical expertise with a commitment to continuous

At Caviar Skin Clinic, we understand the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance beyond just the face. While many focus on facial procedures, the hands can often reveal our true age. Our hand rejuvenation with bio-stimulators is the perfect solution to address lines and volume loss, helping you achieve a more youthful look. Don’t let your hands give away your age – schedule a consultation today.


What it is

As we age, fat loss in the hands is a common occurrence. Our hand rejuvenation treatment utilizing Bio-stimulators is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance tissue volume and address age-related imperfections in the hands. This injectable treatment works through volume replacement and collagen stimulation, effectively reducing the visibility of veins and tendons to create a smooth and natural appearance. Experience a more youthful look in as little as one visit with our innovative approach to hand rejuvenation.

Bio-stimulators for Hand Rejuvenation involve the injection of gel and calcium-based microspheres beneath the skin. This process fills lines and replenishes lost collagen caused by aging. The product is safe, bio-compatible, and naturally breaks down in the patient’s body over time.

Additionally, bio-stimulator injections stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, leading to a more youthful appearance. The results are long-lasting, often requiring follow-up treatments every one to two years.

What can Hand Rejuvenation help with?

  • Bio-stimulators are an effective treatment for hand rejuvenation
    Improves skin quality
  • Restores youthful tissue volume
  • Achieves natural looking results for your hands
  • Treatment reduces the look of veins and tendons and replaces lost volume
  • Results are long lasting and stimulate patient’s own collagen production
  • Bio-stimulators are made with calcium based microspheres suspended in gel, which breaks down naturally within the body
  • Treatment is non-invasive and causes minimal discomfort


Am I a good candidate?

  • Our team of providers will take you through a personalized assessment for a Hand Restoration treatment.

When should I start hand rejuvenation treatments?

  • Hand rejuvenation treatments are designed for people for whom age-related volume loss has become a noticeable problem. These changes usually don’t occur until our mid-30s, so most candidates are between the ages of 30 and 65. If you have begun to notice more vein and tendon visibility in the backs of your hands, or if they are showing signs of laxity and poor elasticity, hand rejuvenation may be an effective way to solve these concerns.

How many syringes are needed to treat both hands?

  • Typically 1-2 syringes depending on the level of volume loss and skin quality. Multiple sessions may be required to reach your desired outcome.

When will I see results?

  • Everyone’s body responds differently and at different paces. Most patients report a visible change immediately after treatment with a smoother contour.

Are hand injections painful?

  • Hand Rejuvenation treatment is generally well tolerated by patients. Many describe it as a pinch and slight tugging sensation, the discomfort comes down reasonably quickly. Lidocaine numbing can be included in your treatment for a more comfortable experience.

How long does the procedure take?

  • Most hand rejuvenation treatments are 30 minutes, leaving patients free to continue with their daily routine post-treatment.

What is the recommended pre-care?

  • Before your procedure, avoid medications and supplements that thin the blood for three days prior to treatment in order to reduce the risk of bruising. Always contact your physician before discontinuing medications and supplements.

What is the recommended post-care?

  • Skip strenuous exercise and activity for the first 24 hours
  • Massage the treated area for the first 24 hours

Get started with a consultation

What to Expect

A Personalised Assessment

During a personalized consultation our professional team will go through your medical history, your concerns and go through your aesthetic goals. Your provider will assess your facial features and anatomy while working with you to answer any questions and create a treatment plan designed to meet your unique skin goals.

At Caviar Skin Clinic we love working with patients so that they feel their most confident selves while ensuring your complete assurance in your personalized treatment plan.

Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

Numbing may be applied topically or locally based on your preference to ensure a more comfortable procedure. Our esteemed injectors perform all our hand rejuvenation procedures. Most hand rejuvenation treatments are 30 minutes and you may return to your regular activities afterwards.

Recovery & Results

For the first several days following your hand rejuvenation procedure, swelling, bruising and itching may occur. You may experience tenderness and some mobility restrictions in your hands for the first few days. This will subside over time. Results are typically seen immediately after the procedure is complete. A typical result is an improvement in volume with a smoother contour to the hands that is natural and visible. Results may last for up to 1-2 years.

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