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Frequently Asked Questions
First Appointment! What to expect?
You will be brought in by one of our patient concierges to the treatment room. You will meet your practitioner who will go over your medical history pertaining to the treatment you will be receiving. A consultation will be done to discuss your goals, what you would like done, and expectations. A treatment plan will be discussed with pricing and budget in mind. Then the treatment will be performed followed by after-care and follow-up appointments to ensure great results.
What kind of Botox do you use?

Botox is one brand of a bigger category called neuromodulators. We call everything Botox because it was the first and has the most recognition. The brand I typically use is Dysport.

We also have Nuceiva, Botox and Xeomin available.


What is the difference between Botox and Fillers?
Botox is to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles formed by muscular movements/facial expressions. The filler is to help with volume loss.
What will Dermaplaning do for me?

Dermaplaning is a type of exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells and villus hair aka peach fuzz. This results in deeper penetrating of skincare products and a smoother canvas when applying makeup. Removing the peach fuzz will make your skin appear much brighter, lighten pigmentation and minimize the appearance of scars.


Will Dermaplanning make my peach fuzz grow back thicker?
No! It is 100% a myth that your peach fuzz grow back thicker after Dermaplaning.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), Debit, Cash. We do not accept cheques.
It’s my first time getting lip filler and I am a little nervous. How much lip filler should I get for my first time?
For most people, it is recommended to get a full syringe. However, it is truly up to you! The reason for a full syringe is because when you first get lip filler, it’s new in the body and the body wants to break it down faster than if you have been regularly getting filler for over a year. It takes time to create layers and build upon filler for you to see lasting effects. It is totally okay to get half of a syringe if you would like to build slowly over time and to keep a natural look! Just know that you will then likely need to come more frequently, in the beginning, to build up the filler to a point where it’s plump and visible over its time span!
Does microneedling help with acne scars?
Yes! If you have acne scars you should be getting microneedling regularly every 2-4 weeks. Microneedling uses tiny needles to create microtrauma to the skin which is what helps stimulate new collagen growth and it’s the new collagen that will help remodel the skin creating a smoother texture to the skin and making scars less visible over time. Don’t worry, topical numbing cream will be used.
Are chemical peels good for acne prone skin?
Absolutely! There are some peels that are not recommended for active acne while others are the perfect solution. A peel with Salicylic Acid is the best peel for acne /oily skin type.
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